With a team of excellent and compassionate veterinarians and support staff present during all business hours, the Emergency Animal Hospital of Ellicott City is equipped to handle almost any medical emergency affecting your pet.

To ensure each patient’s comfort, our facilities are able to utilize a number of different services such as a fully stocked laboratory, a well-equipped surgery suite, digital radiology, and many warming and cooling devices used to safely stabilize the temperatures of our hospitalized pets.


In-House Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory allows us to perform a wide array of screening tests, most of which provide results within thirty minutes. Depending on your pet’s ailment, our veterinarian may recommend one of our many laboratory services in order to establish a more complete diagnosis. Some of the services most frequently used are general health profiles, complete blood counts (CBC’s), urinalyses, and fecal analyses.

Once we have the results, our veterinarian will personally review the results with you and discuss their significance. You will be given a copy of all results for your records and a copy will be faxed to your regular veterinarian.


Digital X-Ray

The use of our new digital x-ray machine has greatly improved imaging quality and enables us to take the highest quality x-rays with minimal x-ray exposure to your pet and our staff.

You can expect the veterinarian to review your pet’s x-rays with you personally before providing you with a disk containing a copy of the x-rays for your pet’s records.



Emergency Surgery

We perform many emergency surgeries, from repairs of minor lacerations and bite wounds, to C-sections, intestinal foreign body retrieval, and ruptured spleen repair.

Our highly qualified veterinarians use the utmost care and precautions during each surgery performed. At least one fully trained technician is also present at all times to assist the veterinarian in providing excellent care



Oxygen Cages

For patients needing oxygen support, we have two cages designed specifically to be infused with supplemental oxygen. We also have a portable oxygen unit that clients may borrow, should they need it to transport their pet to another facility.





Our hospital ward has been specifically designed so that the entire treatment area and hospital ward are both located in one open room with the cages and labs wrapping around the treatment area and the nurses’ and doctors’ stations. This enables our patients to be under observation at all times, even as new patients are being treated.

We take our nursing very seriously and make every effort to keep pets at ease, which will aid in faster healing and a quicker trip home. While under our care your pet will never be without the comfort of clean linens. For patients with increased or decreased temperatures, our hospital is stocked with the appropriate equipment (such as heating pads or cooling fans) to help return your pet to a normal temperature. For hospitalized patients, the veterinarian will update owners personally at least every 12 hours on the status of their pet.


Microchip Scanning

Should a stray animal be found, we have a microchip scanner on location and offer free scanning. This will determine whether they have a microchip number, by which they might be re-united with their owner.